Sand sculptures

I should probably have started sculpturing in my youth but, sadly, I suffered badly with eczema so my hands couldn’t cope with clay.  Sea water, however, was healing so whenever I did visit a sandy beach (and the quality of the sand is important!) I’d reach for my spade and build something.  Initially it tended to be castles in the traditional fashion.  Building with my own children back in the 80s and 90s we became a little more ambitious and started creating whole villages, later watching excitedly as the sea came to claim them.


Once the children are grown it seems that most adults give up building sandcastles.  That seems a great shame to me.  I still revel in getting to work and seeing what I can create given the limitations of the material.  Over the years I’ve tackled a fair range of subjects and am not averse to children joining in sometimes;  half my motivation is to inspire youngsters to be creative themselves.

It’s hard to choose a favourite.  I was particularly pleased with this dragon though.


More sculptures

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