Portrait Challenge

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a commission which I finally delivered earlier in the week.  The reference material was a school photograph of a pair of young brothers.  My client didn’t want the work to be bigger than A4 size so, sadly, that ruled out pastels (which is my preferred medium for portraits).  I tried coloured pencils instead but I wasn’t able to obtain the depth of colour that I thought my client would want.  So I decided to work in acrylic so I could achieve the vibrancy of colour while still capturing the boys’ cheeky smiles despite working on such a small scale.

It took me quite a while and many minute alterations to achieve a satisfactory likeness but I got there in the end and my client is, thankfully, delighted 🙂

She told me the painting was a gift for her father.  Then she asked me if I could face doing another one for her . . .  “Only if it’s on a bigger scale!”  I exclaimed!!


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