What have I done?!

Well, here I am, dragging myself (kicking and screaming at times) into the 21st century.  It probably wasn’t a good idea to choose to upgrade to a smartphone at the same time as changing website hosting but, hey, that’s what I’ve done – or am in the process of trying to do.  My brain hurts!

Why are help files and so forth written by aliens who clearly are unable to translate completely into straightforward language?  I don’t know my widgets from my CSS so how on earth am I going to navigate this labyrinth of words and symbols?

If this blog makes it into the world I will consider that a minor miracle in itself.

Oh to be back in my studio wielding a paintbrush instead of sitting here rapidly acquiring brain-ache in my efforts to work out how to manipulate my online presence.  Eventually I am hoping (and praying) that this will become a gallery for my artistic expression but currently I wouldn’t hold your breath!

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